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sign: taurus sun / aries moon / virgo rising
favorite color: blue
favorite animal: cats
favorite flower: forget-me-nots
favorite music: sonic youth, my bloody valentine, bad brains, the pixies, (early)fall out boy, punk, deep house, tbh many many more i cant name them all :-(
favorite anime: flcl, neon genesis evangelion, sailor moon, cardcaptor sakura, land of the lustrous, gokinjo monogatari, nana and more :-|
with my boyfriend for the past 5 years :-)
i have two cats that i love very much, shadow and tiki!
i have a yellow belt in taekwondo
i'm a painter working and living in nyc
i like to play music!
my birthday is may 7!
i love wong kar-wai movies
i'm nostalgic for old net
i love loud and noisy music
i'm a sanrio & san-x fanatic!
my favorite painters are maureen gallace, austin lee, and misaki kawai to name a few!
♡ i ♡ love ♡ yuri ♡ manga ♡

links (w.i.p.): diary | photo album | music collection | to be continued!!


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sun in taurus:
your sun is in taurus, meaning you are fundamentally stable, deliberate, and practical, though somewhat stubborn. your sensual side takes comfort and pleasure very seriously -- you appreciate nice things when they're useful and meaningful. people appreciate how reliable you are. it's in your eighth house, meaning you feel the need to distinguish yourself from others through darkness, taboos, rebirth, sex, and transformation.

moon in aries:
your moon is in aries, meaning your emotional self is independent, energetic, and enthusiastic. you have a tendency to feel inadequate and overcompensate just because failure is a possibility. it's in your seventh house, meaning you find security and safety through close relationships and long-term partnerships.